Farm 811 today

When the municipality sought the High Court in 1982 to order the colored small farming community to have them condemned to have own Title Deeds to be liable for the taxes they yet did not understand the full consequences of their case. They got their demand granted and Farm811, formally Hartebees got cut up at the cost of the owners. 21 peaces of land went to the surveyor as re-compensation as the owners did not have the money to pay for the services and got sold by him to people who moved in. No plans were implemented for access and infrastructure. Little did they know.

Farm 811














Today owners indulge TWK’s infrastructure on their private most cases without legit contracts to the servitude’s the municipality enjoys.. Access is agreed on in most cases on personal servitude and by handshake The main roads infringe on owners properties. The taxation is a mess. To fix this historic arrogance will cost in hindsight a small fortune for TWK. But we are a community. As one of my friends pointed out quite accurately: “You fit in or you f#$% off”. (If you want to hear it from himself PM me and we set up a meeting)

Well if all this is true we would like you to come and fit in to create a better future. You can come and visit to find out or you can contact one of our local estate agents and jump in at the deep side of the pool and take the unexpected journey I took.

Anyway it is worth it as long as a are persistent.

(Unknown Author) B.Niemand



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