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Happy 2019, here we go!

Here we are,

We had a vivid 2018 and the ship we are sailing has tested the seas. There is so much to do and it is good that way. It was said that man has earn his daily bread with force of his hands and this seems to be true. There is no manna falling from Heaven anymore. Now and then a windfall helps us to sail through the hard times but in essence we got to stand strong and fend for ourselves. And now and then we close our eyes and realize how lucky we are to have our lives in our own hands. It is always worth the struggle. No risk, no gain. I was one out of Billion that made it to the egg to get the chance to be me. Life is a place between a rock and a hard place. Make no mistake here.

The annual Tesselaarsdal Festival


Dear Folks,

Yep on the 1st of December it is time again to party. We dance, we drink and include all of the Sins this world has to offer (including the 18th of September decision).

For coordination contact Riaan from Realnet Caledon

For artist to perform contact Johan Reichert of Tesselaarsdal (and Tickets)

For Stalls and commerce contact Joost Sieger on Farm811

For promotions contact Liezel from Caledon Tourism

If you insecure just email us but have patience.


The Tesselaarsdal Festival Comity.

The Caledon Country Market

The market will be revived. After we had our own small Market here in Tesselaarsdal at the Community Hall Lizel Kimber from Caledon Tourism took it upon her to make things bigger.
She  says:
We are excited to be hosting a brand-new monthly country market at the Caledon Botanical Gardens. The heart behind the market is to bring together local artisans, small & informal business owners, farmers, artists and musicians to showcase the best local bounty available in our region, thereby showing our appreciation for the value that you add to our vibrant community.In true country market fashion, the idea is for the visitor and vendor to meet face to face for a lekker “kuier”.
The Botanical Gardens, which is situated right along the N2 serves as the ideal place to bring together local community, visitors and passers-by. It has stunning views over the town of Caledon and features a labyrinth of walkways that will be sure to enchant all. There is ample space to host a market with easy access to and from the gardens and the market area.
We hereby would like to invite you to join us as a vendor to make this the showcase market in the Overberg.  Please find attached an application form as well as the poster for our first market.

Market dates for 2018 are as follows:

6 October, 27 October, 24 November, 28 – 30 November (Night market), 15 December

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any more information.
Tel: 071 121 4428

Farm 811 today

When the municipality sought the High Court in 1982 to order the colored small farming community to have them condemned to have own Title Deeds to be liable for the taxes they yet did not understand the full consequences of their case. They got their demand granted and Farm811, formally Hartebees got cut up at the cost of the owners. 21 peaces of land went to the surveyor as re-compensation as the owners did not have the money to pay for the services and got sold by him to people who moved in. No plans were implemented for access and infrastructure. Little did they know.

Farm 811














Today owners indulge TWK’s infrastructure on their private most cases without legit contracts to the servitude’s the municipality enjoys.. Access is agreed on in most cases on personal servitude and by handshake The main roads infringe on owners properties. The taxation is a mess. To fix this historic arrogance will cost in hindsight a small fortune for TWK. But we are a community. As one of my friends pointed out quite accurately: “You fit in or you f#$% off”. (If you want to hear it from himself PM me and we set up a meeting)

Well if all this is true we would like you to come and fit in to create a better future. You can come and visit to find out or you can contact one of our local estate agents and jump in at the deep side of the pool and take the unexpected journey I took.

Anyway it is worth it as long as a are persistent.

(Unknown Author) B.Niemand


Soccer Tournament Timetable

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In a single-elimination tournament, only the top-ranked competitors in a fixture progress; in 2-competitor games, only the winner progresses. All other competitors are eliminated. This ensures a winner is decided with the minimum number of fixtures. However, most competitors will be eliminated after relatively few matches; a single bad or unlucky performance can nullify many preceding excellent ones.

A double-elimination tournament may be used in 2-competitor games to allow each competitor a single loss without being eliminated from the tournament. All losers from the main bracket enter a losers’ bracket, the winner of which plays off against the main bracket’s winner.

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Annual Marathon Registration

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Traffic Safety Notice

Road traffic safety refers to methods and measures for reducing the risk of a person using the road network being killed or seriously injured. The users of a road include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, their passengers, and passengers of on-road public transport, mainly buses and trams. Best-practice road safety strategies focus upon the prevention of serious injury and death crashes in spite of human fallibility (which is contrasted with the old road safety paradigm of simply reducing crashes assuming road user compliance with traffic regulations). Safe road design is now about providing a road environment which ensures vehicle speeds will be within the human tolerances for serious injury and death wherever conflict points exist.

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Upcoming Public Meetings

A town hall meeting is an American term given to an informal public meeting, function, or event derived from the traditional town meetings of New England. Typically open to everybody in a town community and held at the local municipal building, attendees generally present ideas, voice their opinions, ask questions of the public figures, elected officials, or political candidates at the town hall. Attendees rarely vote on an issue or propose an alternative to a situation. It is not used outside of this secular context.

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Summer Rock Festival Tickets on Sale!

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